Network and Telephony Solutions

MobilesDH Telecom work with the leading networks and manufacturers to help you get the best deal for you at the right price. We currently work with EE and O2. The advantage of having your business mobile phones with us means you will get one point of contact to assist you with anything and everything you may need.

We have the ability, knowledge and industry tools to enable us to completely bespoke a package for your business that’s exclusively for you. Tailored to your specific and exact needs, not like our competitors who will simply fit your needs within standard off the shelf plans.

As well as contracts we can provide the latest handsets and accessories your business needs.

We can give you the minutes you actually need, the correct data and add-on bundles to match staff usage, the term of contract that’s suitable for you, the flexibility to keep your whole contract to the same end date no matter when you connect additional lines, and most importantly the reassurance that we can prevent any overspend and excessively high bills due to staff abuse

If you want total control over your monthly spend, give all your users exactly what they want, when they want it, total flexibility with the reassurance of no hidden charges or the possibility of unexpected high bills then contact us today and one of our consultants will call you back.